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Driver / Rider

AFA Secured Transport is looking to hire skilled workers to drive and assist in our vehicles for our marijuana secured transport service in the state of Michigan. This job requires extreme attention to detail and professionalism. Drivers would deal with clients and product directly. Drivers are required to use an iPad for basic functions daily. Drivers would be required to follow strict routes and abide by all laws and regulations. Drivers will start as part time for a period of about a month before being moved to full time. This job will require some heavy lifting (60-65 Pounds)

Our basic qualifications to be considered for employment are:

  • Valid Michigan Chauffeurs License

  • A High School Diploma

  • Ability to Pass State Background Check

  • A Minimum of 2 Years Driving Experience with a Chauffeurs License

  • Security Experience



Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $16.09 per hour


Apply Here


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