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Securing the Michigan Marijuana Industry as a Trusted Partner

About Us

Developed to assist Michigan marijuana companies in safe and secure transportation of products and payments from licensed facility  to licensed facility, AFA is structured to be the industry standard in secure transport services. With a secure facility centrally located in Lansing, AFA is capable of covering the entire state with our transport services. AFA is fully state licensed, Insured, and approved for business. We operate in full compliance with the LARA, MMFLA, state police, and federal laws to provide the upmost security and legitimacy for all cannabis based businesses We are certified to operate within Metrc and have full GPS tracking within our fleet to ensure possession and integrity of all products we transport. AFA offers secure transportation of any cannabis, or cannabis related, products to licensed marijuana business. Our goal is create trust with your company to alleviate the worries associated with transporting cannabis products.

Our Team

Our team is devoted to being a reliable long term asset to your marijuana company. Our owner has over 35 years experience owning/operating a logistics and distribution business in a highly regulated industry, similar to the marijuana industry. Our drivers are trained, state approved, thoroughly background checked, and reliable employees that uphold highest standards in their work. Our inside office team are working professionals that are dedicated to making sure all of our clients needs are met with satisfaction. All of our staff is Metrc trained. We work with top of the line technology in both our office and our vehicles to streamline communication, and ensure security and efficiency. Our team is strong, and dedicated to helping your businesses every secure transport need.


Our Services

Secured Transport

It's all in the title. We are licensed by the state of Michigan to securely transport products and payments for all licensed cannabis businesses in the state. We use discrete, fully insured, vehicles equipped with security that exceeds the LARA requirements with additions like trained security staff, 24/7 GPS, and video/audio recording. Along with our fleet of secure vehicles, we are in full compliance with the state requirements for Metrc. Our drivers are equipped with handheld tablets to make the transfer of product as efficient as possible. We have worked to hire transport drivers with multiple years of experience in security transport to ensure your product or money is safe in our hands. Our goal is to elevate the worries associated with transporting products in the marijuana industry. 

Where we transport to/from:
  • Growers

  • Proccessors 

  • Safety and Compliance Labs

  • Provisioning Centers (Dispensaries)

  • Financial Institutions (Payment Transportation)

Secured Storage

Our services don't stop at just transportation. AFA's headquarters is equipped with a fully state compliant secured rooms with 24/7 top of the line security monitoring. With our secure room we are able to safely hold any cannabis product for up to 96 hours while being in full compliance with the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act. This secure room also gives us the ability to securely hold your businesses money when it is not possible to be driven directly to your financial institution. AFA is determined to keep your products and money secure at every step throughout the secure transport process.

Types of Storage
  • Product Storage (Up to 96 hour layover)

  • Currency Storage


Ordering a transport with us is made to be as simple as possible. Due to our strategic partnership with Leaflink, you are able to order transports directly on your Leaflink order page. This eliminates the constant back and forth when trying to schedule a delivery. You can order transports up til 9 AM same day as the pick up. If an order is place by 9 AM it is guaranteed to be picked up that afternoon. For more information please click on the "Learn More" button at the bottom of our website.


Our Fleet


Discretion is of upmost importance to us and our clients. Our fleet consists of unmarked cargo vans. These vehicles offer complete discretion while transporting product. We have full temperature controlled vehicles to ensure products do not melt on even the hottest of days. Our fleet is reliable and can withstand any weather to ensure a safe and on time delivery. All of our vehicles are in full compliance with the LARA and MMFLA and is sure to exceed your companies standards 


Experienced Security


24/7  Video Surviellence


GPS Tracking

Security and Technology

Security is very important to us. Our vehicles are fully equipped with 24/7 security cameras that are watched at all times by our staff. This security system has audio recording capability to ensure everything is captured. In addition, we have full GPS monitoring on our entire fleet. Monitored by our staff, this GPS tracking allows us to have real time travel information to ensure safety and security of your products at all times. We have the ability to temperature control vehicles to fit every one of your needs without straining the product or plant. Our fleet is also equipped with all necessary physical security required by the LARA and MMFLA including the separation of drivers and product by a physical steel barrier. In addition, all of our vehicle security staff is experienced in transporting high value products and making sure safety is the most important part of the job. We believe that our fleet and employees will exceed your every expectaion.



We know pricing is a key factor in determining who to use as a secure transporter. Our team at AFA believes in fair a pricing structure to fit every grower, processor, and provisioning centers specific budget and needs. Contact our team via the submission table below, phone, or email to receive a free pricing quote today!



Contact AFA Secured Transport and let us be your transportation professionals. Call us or message us to request a quote or to request more information.


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